Budget 2018: Mental Health Crisis Funding

Philip Hammond will announce an additional £2 billion real-terms increase in funding for mental health services in England in the Budget. It is believed that this financial commitment is in line with the statement made by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference, in which she claimed, ‘austerity is over’.
However, this funding will be dependent upon the deal reached by the United Kingdom with the European Union. Critics have noted that the additional funding is a part of the commitment announced earlier this year, in which the government pledged to provide an additional £20 billion-a-year by 2023 for the NHS in England.
Barbara Keeley, Shadow Health Minister, offered this response to the announcement:
‘If this announcement is simply money that’s already been promised, it will do little to relieve the severe pressures on mental health services that have built up because of this Tory Government’s relentless underfunding of the NHS’.
Jeremy Corbyn, responding to the announcement on Twitter, noted:
‘We need to see real and meaningful investment today which is ringfenced, not just more hollow promises.’
It seems that the additional funding has been long overdue and many people with mental health issues cannot afford to wait any longer for the potential increase in funding.
TPN’s full round-up of the budget will come just after 3.30pm

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