Charity CEO defies DWP threats and speaks out about Universal Credit

The CEO of Humanity Torbay, a charity whose mission it is to aid vulnerable and homeless members of our society, has spoken out about Universal Credit despite threats from the government.

In a video, their CEO, Ellie Waugh, spoke out against Universal credit saying that people on the benefit are desperate for help. Her charity has seen rises in suicidal citizens, self-harming citizens and women going into prostitution, so they can feed their families, and for this reason she has begun to speak out.

In an interview with TPN she said the charity had been threatened with cuts to funding if they spoke out, and they have received no help from the Tory-run Torbay council. In fact, the council has done everything they can to stop the charity speaking out.

When volunteers do a course on Universal Credit they are required to sign a clause that forbids them from speaking out.

“we were told we wouldn’t get any funding if we keep talking.”

Humanity Torbay was going to go for a grant from National Lottery but was told due to their comment on Universal credit they will not get any money. The lottery is government funded and is a way the government has threated charities into keeping quiet about the damaging impacts of Universal Credit.

Sadly with winter coming Ellie stated the charity has a new phrase: “eat or heat.” This is because most recipients of Universal Credit will not be able to do both once winter comes. Humanity provides showers for citizens who can’t afford hot water and they are being used all the time every day.

“We are appalled and shocked with what we are seeing in Torbay, it is just awful here”

Since the Universal Credit rollout, the charity has aided 10 women have been forced into prostitution to feed their families. The charity has become overwhelmed with people struggling with self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts.

Universal Credit rolled out in Torbay on the 6th September and many citizens are yet to receive any payment.

Talking about the gagging clause Ellie stated that lots of charities won’t speak out due to funding but stated:

“How can they sleep at night knowing this is going on, I had someone who had been self harming, they’d cut all down their arms because they had nothing, is that not worth speaking out about?”

She said that there can be “no change without the truth.”

The charity has been left desperate for funds, with staff members shouldering the burden. The staff at Humanity are now working 60 hours a week  and say “We’re worried about the electric bill because we’re running 3 showers all day 6 days a week.”

In her final remarks Ellie stated:

 “universal credit is ruining this country, we have got people literally starving and that is not     scaremongering that is fact,  Universal Credit is the most evil benefit.”

If you wish to donate to help Humanity Torbay you can do so here.


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