New Poll: 58% of people dislike the Tory Party

As the Tory Party Conference came to a close this week, the PM announced that austerity would come to an end, if she was allowed to deliver a ‘Good Brexit’ deal. Whatever a “good Brexit” is defined as.

This illustrates the influence that the Labour party has had over the previous two years, Jeremy Corbyn and co. have managed to move the debate, something that is seldom done in opposition. No-one is expecting the Conservatives to come out in favour of socialism, but it shows they are re-positioning to avoid being left behind by popular Labour policy, they even announced they planned to implement two Labour policies, on housing and workers rights.

A poll recently published by IPSOS MORI revealed that 58% of people dislike the Tory Party, in stark contrast to the polling numbers of Labour, where 57% approve. Things do not look good for Theresa May, in a number of polls released this week, she is simply not resonating with voters. The public is quite clearly rejecting the Party famed for being good with the economy, 59% of people say that economic conditions will get worse in the next 12 months.

Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos MORI, said:

The Prime Minister’s personal ratings continue to bump along at a low level.  But the problem is also partly her party’s.  Public opinion so far does not seem to favour any of her potential successors, and the Conservative party itself remains stubbornly disliked by around six in ten, much worse than Labour’s likeability score.

Government dissatisfaction has also reached a high not seen since post-financial crash. 72% are dissatisfied with the government.

Other headline news would suggest that the Conservative’s image problem will continue for the foreseeable future,  this Financial Times article, states that Home Ownership amongst the young has dropped 10 percentage points since 2008. This is a remarkable fall. Analysts suggest that it is as a result of spiralling University debt, higher rent costs and higher house prices, all three topics have been neglected by the Tory Party, instead favouring to side with landlords.

In contrast, Labour would introduce greater regulation of the rental market to make saving for home ownership easier and more affordable. The full policy includes measures such as rent caps; linked to inflation, reversing the decision to cut housing benefit for 18-21 year olds and introducing three year tenancy’s as standard.

Analysis by Editor – Seb Chromiak

Polls do bore people and they are often inaccurate, just look at the major political events of the last 2/3 years, they were hardly predicted. As I mentioned earlier though, the fact that Labour is able to shift policy debate in opposition is something that is quite remarkable. Labour’s policies resonate with ordinary people and it is telling that several editors from the left and right of the political spectrum have chosen to run with stories that illustrate, the Tory party has run out of ideas, they look exhausted.

Don’t be surprised if the Tory’s start to move even further towards the left in the coming months as an election looms. Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell may be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of going head to head with the Conservatives once again, but counting their chickens they will not.


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