Tory minister caught lying about cuts to council funding

Treasury Minister Liz Truss has been caught lying about council funding after she claimed the Tory government will not be making cuts to council funding. She told BBC’s Newsnight:

“We are not making cuts to local authorities,”

Councils will actually face a 36% percent drop in funding, the largest drop in almost a decade.

Phillip’s Hammond deputy was branded  “innumerate or inept” by Andrew Gwynne, Shadow Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government, and stressed that Tory cuts to councils are driving them to bankruptcy. In a statement he said:

“Councils of all political persuasions are edging towards the financial cliff edge, and it’s a Tory Council, Northamptonshire, that’s the first to go bump on their watch, with others not far behind.

In addition, Gwynne highlighted it was Labour councils who were the hardest hit, tweeting:

Many councils are facing financial difficulties but many Tory councils are close to bankruptcy with Northamptonshire being the first local authority in 2 decades to issue a section 114 notice, meaning they could not finance a legal budget.

Councils have seen their central government funding cut in half since 2010.

Tory politicians have also voiced their displeasure at continuing cuts. Tory council leader, Geoff Driver, recently said: “the government is going to have to look and say we recognise a serious problem with adult social care, there is an equally serious problem with children’s services – we in local government are going to need some extra help.”

Ms Truss does not agree with her political allies stating the Tories had given councils “flexibility”.



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