Nottingham East CLP pass vote of no confidence in Chris Leslie

Nottingham North CLP have passed a motion of no confidence in Chris Leslie. The MP, who is an arch critic of Jeremy Corbyn lost the vote ‘overwhelmingly’ according to a local Labour member.

Leslie is the 5th Labour MP to have their local branch formally express their displeasure via a vote of no confidence. Frank Field, now an independent MP after leaving the party, Kate Hoey, Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker have lost similar votes.

Leslie did not attend the vote and has previously labelled party members who had expressed disapproval in him the “intolerant hard left”.

In June 2018 Leslie published a pamphlet through the Social Market Foundation, where he is a member of the Policy Advisory Board, entitled Centre Ground: Six Values of Mainstream Britain. This was seen by many as an attempt to lay the groundwork for a new centrist party.

Labour did not adopt Open Selection but have made it easier for local parties to deselect their MPs. Leslie, therefore, may be worried about retaining his seat.

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