Anti-Semite Viktor Orban thanks Conservatives for their support

The EU has voted to trigger Article 7 proceedings against Hungary, labelling the country a ‘systematic threat to democracy and the rule of law.’

It is the first time that the Article 7 proceedings have been brought against a member nation and is the strictest disciplinary penalty that MEPs can issue. This will mean the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, amongst other things.

The Conservatives voted against the motion, and in a startling turn of events, Viktor Orban the authoritarian leader, has wrote a letter,  thanking them for their support that they’ve, ‘shown towards national sovereignty and solidarity during the vote.’

The Times of Israel has reported that, ‘The Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was “very concerning” that the Tories had chosen to back Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, which it accused of “whipping up prejudice” and deploying “vivid anti-Semitism.’

Viktor Orban is a leader that has openly displayed hatred towards LGBT rights, migrants and other minority groups. Remember this, at a time when the EU has stood up towards a near-dictator, the Tory’s stand side-by-side with him.


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