Breaking: May doubles down on Chequers in Brexit statement

In a statement today Theresa May doubled down on her Chequers plan stating that a Norway option or a customs border in the Irish Sea are not acceptable.

In a statement from inside Number 10 she said both options were a bad deal.

She stated that both sides want a deal but the negotiations were always going to be tough. She said the EU and UK were still apart on key issues.

She hit out at the EU’s attitude in negotiations. Stating they had made no explanation on why Chequers was unacceptable and that no counter proposals had been offered.

Chequers would have seen the UK have free movement of goods with the EU but this was rejected as it would undermine the single market.

She reassured EU citizens that in the event of No Deal they would be allowed to stay and their rights protected. She also reaffirmed her commitment to delivering no hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

May stated the EU needs to move to get a deal.

The pound plummeted during her speech as Shadow Business Secretary Rebbecca Long Bailey noticed:

Markets believe a No Deal scenario is now more likely. Key Labour figures including Angela Rayner called for the PM’s resignation

Mrs May now faces a challenge to get the EU to soften its position whilst fighting off ERG rebels back home. A general election looks rather likely.

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