Labour set to vote against Brexit deal to force General Election, says Thornberry

The Labour party is to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, according to Shadow Foreign Secretary and Corbyn ally Emily Thornberry.

Speaking with the FT, Thornberry said a workable Brexit deal is “just not going to happen” under May, and a general election would need to be held if the Prime Minister is defeated on any Brexit vote.

25 Tory MPs have already pledged to vote down May’s Brexit deal, and with Labour’s opposition, as few as 10 rebel Tory MPs to completely kill May’s plans.

Labour had previously published a list of 6 tests that need to be met for the party to support any Brexit deal, which includes requirements on: security, science and the delivery of the “exact same benefits” as we currently have as members of the Single Market and Customs Union.

Thornberry, a very close ally and neighbouring MP to Corbyn, said she could not see any circumstances where this could be achieved.: “I can’t see them coming back with a deal that is going to meet our six tests and I can’t see them coming back with a deal that will unite the Tory party

“They are not capable of governing. We’re either going to have a general election in the autumn or we’re going to have it in the spring.”

If Labour were to win a general election they would still commit to taking Britain out of the EU, after seeking to extend negotiations with the EU. But Thornberry stressed May’s Chequers plan was unrealistic, saying: “I don’t think this kind of half-in, half-out of the customs union will work. I think it’s just full of red tape and it’s going to cost us too much money. It’s just nonsense.

“Even if they come back in October, November, and they say, ‘this flimsy bit of paper is what you’re going to have to agree to, otherwise there’ll be no deal’. We’re not going to agree to either of those.”


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