Appendix- Establishment propaganda model and how anti-Semitism has been weaponised


Lord Sacks is a duplicitous political actor

The most recent attack comes from a former chief rabbi in which he condemns Corbyn as an anti-Semite because he called Zionists, Zionists. In his statement, he said ‘This is low, dishonest and dangerous. He has legitimised the public expression of hate, and where he leads, others will follow’. However, he has been noticeably silent when it comes to Trump.

For example, while he has made his position crystal clear on Corbyn, he has failed to express the same amount of outrage towards the US president who commands a large anti-Semitic base. For example last year Trump supporters mobilised in Charlottesville to hold a rally in which protestors were chanting phrases such as ‘Jews will not replace us’ and ‘Blood and soil’ – a common Nazi slogan.

During this rally, self-proclaimed neo-Nazis marched through the streets wearing Swastikas and fire lit torches. I have a habit of ignoring videos on stories, but it is worth watching to get a feel for how hypocritical the rabbi has been.

As if these horrific scenes weren’t alarming enough, a counter protestor by the name of Heather Heyer was murdered and many more injured as a Trump supporter drove a car through the crowd. In response to this rally of anti-Semitic hate, Trump said, ‘You also had some very fine people on both sides.’ One side was protesting hate in all forms and the other was Nazis…

What is the rationale for the rabbi’s silence? It is because Trump is massively supportive of Israel, lambasts the UN for condemning Israel for crimes against humanity, and the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement – a long time goal of Netanyahu (Israeli PM) and the far right Israeli government.

Lord Sugar is an opportunist

Sugar is emblematic of the British political establishment who has a long record of attacking Corbyn.

And like Lord Sacks, if he actually cared about anti-Semitism he would voice his concern over Trump. However, because Trump’s anti-Semitism is accompanied by tax cuts and a corporate friendly policy that stands to benefit him. Additionally, it is also worth mentioning that he is intimately linked with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky since he sold his flagship company, Amstrat, to the media mogul. While he sold it to Murdoch, Lord Sugar is still the controlling party of the parent company of Amstrat – Amshold Group Limited.

In other words, for the same reasons outlined at the beginning of this article, he has good reasons to oppose Corbyn and the rise of progressive socialism. Lord Sugar is entitled to his opinion and has a right to call Corbyn an anti-Semite should he feel it is warranted. However, I am also entitled to highlight his blatant hypocrisy, his links to Rupert Murdoch, and how he is exploiting genuine Jewish suffering of the past for corrupt political intent.

Therefore, the only rationale for this rank hypocrisy is either that their (i.e., Lord Sacks and Lord Sugar) concerns are fake and they are exploiting Jewish suffering for corrupt political intent, or their moral outrage is real but they are too cowardly to show the same amount of criticism towards Trump – a much more powerful figure then Corbyn, or anyone else for that matter, could ever be.




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