Chris Leslie MP loses vote of no confidence in Mapperley Labour Party

A local Labour branch has passed a motion of no confidence in Chris Leslie, MP for Nottingham East.

Chris is the 3rd MP to lose a vote of no confidence this week with Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker also losing votes on Thursday night.

The MP who is considered on the right of the Labour Party attacked party members stating that the party had become infiltrated by the “intolerant hard left”.

A wider vote will now be held with the whole of the Nottingham East Labour members which may contain similar demands to the motions passed against other Labour rebels like Frank Field and Kate Hoey.

Leslie has served the constituency since 2010 and has an extremely safe seat with a majority of 19,590, but has come into conflict with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In June 2018 Leslie published a pamphlet through the Social Market Foundation, where he is a member of the Policy Advisory Board,[13]entitled Centre Ground: Six Values of Mainstream Britain. This was seen by many as an attempt to lay the groundwork for a new centrist party.

Labour member Steve Jansky was at the meeting, and voted in favour of the vote of no confidence, he said:

“Chris is one of those people who doesn’t support the leadership, against the wishes of the membership, who voted for him (Jeremy Corbyn) twice, overwhelmingly. He (Mr Leslie) seems to be on speed dial with the BBC whenever they want a negative view of Jeremy Corbyn. It’s all about democracy. The MP should reflect the views of the party and the local membership.

A vote of no confidence is now expected to be held on the MP by Labour party members from across his constituency. If he lost, he would not be obliged to stand down as an MP.

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