Labour adopts full IHRA antisemitism definition

Labour’s ruling body the NEC have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. They will also issue a statement emphasising the right to free speech when discussing Middle Eastern politics.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The NEC has today adopted all of the IHRA examples of antisemitism, in addition to the IHRA definition which Labour adopted in 2016, alongside a statement which ensures this will not in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians.”

Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson said “I hope that is the start of the journey to rebuilding trust”.

Comment from Henry Jones, Director of Communications

The previous weeks have seen one of the most aggressive anti-Corbyn campaigns of his career. Indeed the media smear against him has often been centred around the IHRA definition. I fundamentally do not believe Mr Corbyn is an anti-semite, however I grew increasingly frustrated by how this question was detracting from his policies.

Many Labour supporters will see this as a poor decision. Whilst that may be the case, I hope the move will allow Labour to get back to focusing on holding the government to account.

The anti-semitsism debacle has been a distraction from Brexit, and the many Tory failings we consistently report on. Corbyn is no anti-semite, but many people on the right incorrectly thought he was. I hope this news corrects their misconceptions.

This is a breaking news story, and will be updated in due course.



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