The MSM, not Corbynism, is the true cult threatening British politics

Corbyn’s election and re-election to the leader of the Labour party has led to a revolution in opposition politics that has been felt across Britain but a crackdown is now in full swing.

As a whole society wakes up to the vast misery engineered by austerity and questions its commitment to the invasive policy programme of Neoliberalism, a mass propaganda programme is being deployed globally to defame Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Our nation has reached a crossroads. In one direction lies a future promoting prosperity “for the many not the few”; in the other is the continued, ever powerful dominance of politics, the economy, society and the narratives that bind it together by an unaccountable complex of elites and transnational corporate lobbies estranged from the common working population.

Corbynites are activists who advocate the use of mass power (left populists) as a way of protecting workers, democratic and environmental rights against their wholesale retrenchment at the hands of an onslaught of a neoliberal and austerity oriented Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader and visionary behind the renaissance of original Labour values, has been a leading voice in the radical antiwar left movement for decades. Now, in timely, urgent and important cries for radical reform and revolutionary policies, Corbyn unites a group of rebel thinkers on the frontline of the battle for Parliament, in the name of emancipating our collective tomorrows from oppressive and dystopian Tory rule.

This movement is not a cult. There is not time for that. This movement is a people’s agenda for societal and political change. The country is a clown car driven by Tories in to dystopia. This development has not been really recognised within national political and media circles. It has been sidelined by distraction, diversion and misinformation unprecedented in its depth, complexity and scale. The media, perhaps a great tool for emancipation and liberation through collective enlightenment used earnestly, has, through forty years of machinations of neoliberal New Public Management doctrine been transformed in to the biggest, most dangerous totalitarian cult ever seen. The media cult is a threat to British politics and global peace.


This metamorphosis of the media and journalistic culture in to an elite cult has come about mostly silently, namely because those who know about it are insiders with no incentive to speak out, blinded by vested interests in maintaining the interconnected geopolitical and media status quo. Left to its own trajectory in a few years the global media will be the canteen tannoy of postmodern totalitarianism, indivisible from US power and world order. We may be there already.

While many apparatchiks of the MSM have considered what the ascendancy of the Corbyn collective means for society they are wrong. They are wrong because they have a warped, sold out perspective lacking the wealth of insight direct experience in the movement brings. They are wrong about the enemy because they are the enemy.

No illusions of the anti-Semitic Corbyn cult “danger” survives first contact with the truth of the enemy lies.

Over the past few years Corbyn’s Labour has had conflicts with nearly every elitist party, broadcaster and state on Earth. It knows the neoliberal totalitarian media inside out because it has had to protect its people and reputation as a stalwart party of justice from it. It knows it from the perspective of offensive. It also knows it from a global perspective because it has been attacked by the propaganda assets of neoconservative lobbies. It knows it from the fullness of time because it has been fighting the phenomenon of Tory smear for years and fought its spread again and again. The neoliberal totalitarian MSM is a useless parasite on the world, engorged on its profits in societies merging with a hell of poverty, austerity and destitution.

The MSM, not Corbynism, is the true cult imperilling British politics and global peace.


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