Labour complains to regulator over misleading reporting on wreath laying

Labour have complained to the press regulator IPSO about the coverage by several British Newspapers of Corbyn’s visit to a Memorial service to those killed in Tunisia by an Israeli strike in 1985. It is unclear whether Labour will take other legal action against misleading reports.

In its complaint, the party said the Sun, the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Express and Metro had misrepresented the story.

The press regulator has acknowledged the complaint and stated it will take the case further. It is extremely unusual for a senior politician to go to the press regulator over misleading and negative coverage.

The Mail ran the headline stating Corbyn had laid a wreath at the graves of the Munich Terrorists, despite the fact their graves are in Libya over 400km away.

The cemetery contains the graves of senior Palestinian Liberation Organisation individuals Salah Khalaf and Atef Besiso who Israel allege had links with Black September, which the PLO deny, but Labour state Corbyn did not take part in a ceremony for these individuals. These individuals were not part of the 71 killed by Israel in the 1985 strike on Tunisia.

It is also unclear whether Corbyn fill take legal action against Israeli Prime Minister who stated that Corbyn had laid “a wreath…. on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre”. This could be considered libellous.

The newspapers could offer to publish corrections to end the dispute.

More follows


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