Hodge’s comparison of her disciplinary to the Holocaust does her case no favours

Being one of the most vocal Anti-Corbyn critics, you’d expect Dame Margaret Hodge to launch attack after attack against him. But her latest goes too far. In a comment to Sky News, the woman renowned for ‘fighting the BNP off in Barking’ has said that during her disciplinary proceedings for her despicable attack on Jeremy Corbyn within the House of Commons, she “felt the same fear her father would have felt when he was fleeing Nazi Germany”. Yes, you heard that right.

With it becoming clearer and clearer that the agenda against Corbyn is mostly a smear orchestrated by the right-wing media and, indeed, members of his own party, it’s perhaps surprising to see such an appalling comment being made by one of the key opposers. As Hodge et al’s crusade against Corbyn looks to gather pace, her latest outburst will only serve to damage her cause.

To compare a deserved disciplinary to one of the most brutal and disgusting acts of genocide is nothing short of disgraceful. In fact, as many have pointed out, its borderline Anti-Semitic in itself. If I was Jewish, I’d consider that to be nothing short of a mockery of a horrific and dark event. Naturally, as I am not Jewish, I don’t know exactly how the community feels, and I wouldn’t presume to do so. But Hodge should hang her head in shame.

Under-fire Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn himself hit back almost instantaneously, saying that Hodge’s comparison of Labour’s disciplinary proceedings to the Holocaust is “extreme and disconnected from reality”. And you know what, that isn’t even far enough. In the words of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hodge’s comments deserve “unequivocal condemnation”.

Of course, only Corbyn’s supporters will condemn it. It’s unlikely that the comments will even receive much publicity from the Mainstream Media because it only serves to weaken their Anti-Corbyn stance.

The other Labour rebels now face a tough choice, to back Hodge in her attack on Corbyn or call her comment out as being past the line. In what has become one of the biggest Labour Civil Wars since the Bevanites vs Gaitskellites, the question of who will come out on top is one that nobody can answer. Because there can be no doubt that with this setback for the right wingers will come to a brand new smear and Corbyn must be ready for it.

With Umunna calling the party “Institutionally racist” in a direct attack aimed not just at the leadership, but at the membership as well, and Hodge comparing what she has deemed as a “witch-hunt” by the leadership against her, the membership is becoming impatient. To quote Corbyn’s favourite poem ‘The Masque of Anarchy’, the members must “Rise, like lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number” to combat the smears. As the possibility of a Corbyn government grows ever closer, they will only become more extreme.

Action must be taken, and the party now surely have adequate reason to deselect Hodge. She was rightfully the subject of a disciplinary. To compare it to Nazi Germany is nothing short of utterly disgraceful. And as she repeatedly says, she won’t apologise for her actions. As an elected MP, higher standards are expected. And she doesn’t reach anywhere near the standards expected. I’m normally opposed to deselected those who I disagree with and I don’t subscribe to what Hodge deems as being the main cause of the issue ‘The Cult of Corbyn’ but Labour’s chances of being elected take a huge hit every time she and the other rebels open their mouths. Now is the time for them to lose their jobs because as I repeatedly say, we wouldn’t get away with the stuff these MP’s do in our jobs, so why should they?


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