UKIP suspended three party members responsible for an attack on London book store.

Police were called to Bookmarks, a socialist bookshop in central London, on Saturday after protesters wearing Donald Trump masks and hats harassed customers and workers.

The three UKIP Elizabeth Jones, Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello can be seen here, threatening staff and chanting in support for far-right activist, and founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson who has recently been released from prison.

In a statement, UKIP leader said: “It is understood that the three members were involved in an incident at the Bookmarks bookshop in London on Saturday,” they will now face an internal investigation.

Bookmarks is one of London’s most popular socialist bookstores and has received several messages of support from MPs and writers as well as thousands of activists from around the world.

Noel Halifax, an employee of Bookmarks, said: “There were a dozen of them bellowing and saying that we are this, that and the other and it’s a disgrace. One was saying something like ‘We wish you burn down’. There were two of us, a dozen of them. I’m 67.

“They’d clearly been on a demonstration, because their placards were nothing to do with us. They were attacking the BBC, and they were wearing baseball hats saying, ‘Make Britain Great Again.”

No arrests were made and no reports of any injuries following the incident.

Dave Gilchrist, the manager of Bookmarks, said: “This horrific attack on a radical bookshop should send shivers down the spine of anyone who knows their history. The Nazis targeted books because they knew how important radical ideas are for challenging racism and fascism. The same is true today and that is why we have to show that we won’t be intimidated.”

Bookmarks will hold a free public solidarity event this weekend Saturday (August 11th) with appearances from authors.


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