Pound falls to 9-month low after Brexiteer Liam Foxes admitting ‘no deal likely’.

Liam Fox, like many lead Brexiteers, has been forced to face the damming consequences of what Brexit actually means for the UK. From assuring the public prior to the referendum that a trade deal with the EU would be the ‘easiest trade deal in the history of mankind’ to falling on his own sword admitting that a ‘no deal is the likeliest outcome’.

As a result of the statement from Dr Liam Fox, the Minister for International Trade, the pound plummeted to a 9-month low. It is a truly worrying time for British politics when ministers are not being held in contempt for their incompetence, with much of the mainstream media brushing of these events as daily occurrences – a sort of occupational hazard for the few Brexiteers left in key government positions.

As the UK looks more likely to crash out without a deal, there have been increased calls for a second referendum, a so-called ‘people’s vote’. This vote is not to disrepute ‘the will of the people’ but more so to ensure a final say on whatever the final arrangement the government proposes. Support for another vote has gathered momentum fast, with the official online petition gathering nearly 550,000 signatures. One key politician pushing for this vote is Labour MP Chucka Umunna. Who rightfully argues that the leave campaign promise of £350 million a week was false (perhaps not even worth the bus it was printed on). Considering recent reports warning that the UK may have to stockpile medicine and food to soften the Brexit blow, the UK would not only be in a worst position, but also at risk of national catastrophe.


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