Labour drop disciplinary action against Hodge despite her not apologising

Labour has dropped their disciplinary action against Margaret Hodge MP after she “expressed regret” to the chief whip. No further action will be taken.

Despite this Hodge tweeted that she has not apologised for her remarks, the condition that Labour stated would end the action against the MP.

Hodge faced disciplinary action for a verbal attack on Jeremy Corbyn, shouting in Parliament he was a “fucking anti-Semite and a racist,” She also demanded that Labour sign up to the full IRHA definition of antisemitism but this has nothing to do with the action taken against her.

The Labour Party stated the action was “concerned with the alleged abusive manner in which your client behaved.”

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Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

If I did what Hodge did, I’d have been fired.

The disciplinary action into her abusive remarks is separate to her efforts to get Labour to adopt the full IRHA definition. There are many appropriate ways to try and persuade the leadership to do adopt her view, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the leadership on a political issue but screaming insults in the Commons is unfitting of Labour MP. Equally believing Corbyn, a lifelong campaigner against racism, is either antisemitic or racist is a fantasy. He has never make antisemitic or racist comments and accusations like that should not go unchallenged.

Corbyn must find a way to halt the abuse he receives from his rebels, but clearly, he doesn’t believe punishing those guilty of doing such is the best way. Many unruly backbenchers have damaged the party with their lack of discipline and getting Hodge to publicly apologise for her remarks would have been a good end.


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