Sajid Javid ‏calls Corbyn a holocaust denier in slanderous attack

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has accused Jeremy Corbyn of being a holocaust denier in a tweet sent out today.

The tweet, in reply to another user, is yet another attack on Jeremy Corbyn and his alleged anti-Semitism. Corbyn is not a holocaust denier having never made any statements or speeches that deny the Holocaust. Corbyn has made many statements remembering the Holocaust, most recently on Holocaust memorial day stating:

“To remember the holocaust is a vital way of saying to all generations that the tragedy and brutality and loss must never be repeated. We must ensure all understand this and we can all play a role in preventing future tragedies.”

Jeremy Corbyn is expected to take legal action against Javid as the tweet could be considered libel. This is not the first time a Tory MP has libelled the leader of the opposition. Ben Bradley was found guilty of libel after tweeting that Corbyn had betrayed his country by passing information to communist spies.

More and more attacks have been levelled at Corbyn for anti-semitism but no evidence has to come to light about any anti-semitic remarks made by Corbyn. Despite this Margaret Hodge MP accused Corbyn of being an anti-semite and a racist.

Many people believe the accusations are nothing more than politically motivated attacks designed to discredit the Labour leader.

Shadow Treasury minister Clive Lewis tweeted in response to Javid:

Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

The fact that one of the holders of the great offices of state is tweeting slanderous attacks at the leader of the opposition shows how far the Conservative party has fallen in dignity. The remarks clearly aren’t true, its a political attack and the libel case should find a fast guilty verdict. Javid has shown himself to be both dishonourable and unethical with these remarks.


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