Vauxhall CLP step up efforts to deselect Hoey, and want her whip suspended

A motion has gone to Vauxhall CLP’s General Committee calling for the whip to be removed on Kate Hoey and for her to be ruled ineligible for future selections. The veteran Brexiteer has infuriated the majority of Labour supporters by voting with the government on an amendment to the Brexit trade bill.

The amendment would see the UK stay in a customs union with the EU after Brexit if no deal with the EU was reached. Tory whips stated that if the government lost the vote senior Brexiteers would trigger a vote of no confidence in the government which may have resulted in a general election. With Labour 5 points clear in the polls this has been seen as a betrayal. It is also worth noting staying in a negotiated customs union with the EU is part of Labour’s policy on Brexit.

Some members have stated they will not renew their membership due to Hoey’s and other rebels actions.

The local Momentum group have voted to support the motion and according to a Labour member in Vauxhall CLP the whole local party is united against her, stating he expects the decisions to be “close to unanimous” against Hoey.

Should the general committee the national party will need to make a decision on Hoey’s fate but these events could turn into a quick deselection of an MP who no longer represents anyone but themselves.

Hoey was supposed to speak at a CLP meeting but declined to after hearing about this motion.


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