Israel closes main Gaza crossing point upping blockade on the region

Israel has shut the main cargo crossing between itself and Gaza in retaliation of Palestinian acts including the Great march of return.

Only humanitarian goods such as food and medicine will be allowed through Kerem Shalom but with Palestinians already struggling desperately the increase to the siege with undoubtedly result in more deaths in the region.

The restrictions will stop 70% of goods moving across the crossing.

A Hamas spokesman called the Israeli move “a new crime against humanity”

The move is in response to the Great march to return which resulted in a ignition of violence with Israel shooting 15,000 Palestinians killing over 130. Palestinians responded with incendiary balloons that have burned 2600 hectares of land in Israel.

Israel will also stop Gazan fisherman sailing more than six nautical miles offshore in the Mediterranean Sea, a reduction of 3 miles. More than a million people in Gaza are “moderately-to-severely food insecure”, according to the UN and the fishing restrictions will only exacerbate the food scarcity. The UN says if the limit were lifted, fishing could provide employment and a cheap source of protein for the people of Gaza.

Israel has already come under criticism this month for its demolition of the town of Khan al-Ahmar leading to Labour MP Wes Streeting to call for targetted economic sanctions against Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Mr Streeting, who is a supporter of Labour Friends of Israel, said:

“What’s happening is a deliberate policy intention of the current Israeli government, which has no concern or regard for a two-state solution and simply wants to expand illegal settlements.”

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal but the international community turns a blind eye to Israeli violations of international law.

Streeting continued to say that Israel was “grossly infringing on the human rights of Palestinians”


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