David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary

David Davis MP has resigned as Brexit Secretary, and Steve Baker a Junior Brexit minister has also resigned.

The Brexit secretary who has been critical of Theresa May’s new plans for a future trade deal with the EU has resigned sparking more rumours that the Prime Minister might be facing an impending leadership challenge.

Davis previously described the PM’s plan as “unworkable” and is one of many Hard Brexiteers who have serious problems with May’s plans for a future deal with the EU.

Davis’ resignation prompts rumours that other ministers who backed leave will follow him out the door leading to a civil war in the Conservative Party.

Davis is the sixth cabinet minister to resign in 8 months (Patel, Fallon, Green, Greening, Rudd, Davis).

Labour MP Dan Carden tweeted saying:

Theresa May has failed to unite her Cabinet, has no plan for Brexit, has no Brexit Secretary and cannot be taken seriously by the EU. We need a General Election.

Only a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s government can deliver a general election. Labour would want to attempt this before the coup is completed. The rebels within the Tory party will look to win a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party to replace her without having to face Jeremy Corbyn.

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