Tory council gives away land to private business valued at over £100k

Pendle council have made the decision to give away the Holt House sports facility to a private business without receiving any fee or compensation.

The move sees the Conservative council give the land to the owners of Colne FC without a penny changing hands.

The land currently is under a 99yr lease from Pendle Borough Council and would pass from public to private ownership with this move. The land is valued at over £100k.

Labour’s Azhar Ali said:

“It is highly unusual for a council to want to simply give land, which is worth over £100,000, away to a private company. The residents around the Area also need to be consulted.

No business plans have been submitted and no residents have been consulted.

Mohammed Iqbal, leader of the Labour Group on Pendle Borough Council stated:

“There has been no evidence of due diligence in relation to the proposals, no business plan has been submitted to ensure that the venture is financially sound. Residents, on the North Valley estate have not been consulted or given assurances about what would happen to the land if the club ceases to exist or to vacate the site at some point in the future.”

Labour, supported by the Liberal Democrats, are seeking a review of the proposal and are calling for a public meeting with residents before any decision is made.

The Conservatives in the council have come under criticism before when they reinstated a councillor who had been suspended for racism after the May council elections to make sure they remained in control of the council.

Retraction: We previously stated that the Liberal Democrats were supporting the Conservatives due to a piece by Pendle Labour Party, this has been deemed incorrect and the Liberal Democrats are actually supporting Labour in seeking a review of the process. The People’s News apologises for the mistake and strives to keep to the high standard of journalism to not make errors such as this.



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