Labour councillors in Aberdeen remain suspended over Tory coalition

Nine Aberdeen councillors who were suspended in May last year will see their case go to the National Constitutional Committee.

9 councillors were initially suspended in May 2017, having broken Party rules by forming a power-sharing agreement with the Conservative Party and Independents without the prior approval of the SEC, as per Appendix 6, Rules for Local Government, Labour Groups Clause X in the Scottish Labour handbook.

There is no date for the NCC meeting yet.

The suspension came after they disobeyed Kezia Dugdale’s orders not to form a coalition with the Conservatives. The largest party on the council is the SNP but the Labour councillors did not wish to form a coalition with another party who resist austerity.

Many in the Labour Party believe this sort of action and Labour’s mistakes in aligning with the Tories in the ‘better together’ campaign is a primary reason for their lack of popularity in Scotland.

A petition to have the councillors excluded from the party if they do not pull out of the coalition has nearly reached 1000 signatures, far more than a petition that was set up beforehand to support the coalition choice.

The Campaign for Socialism, a left-wing group within the Scottish Labour Party, stated it fully supports the “decision to uphold the suspension of the 9 Aberdeen councillors and oppose their coalition with Tory councillors” stating coalitions with the Tories are “politically and morally unacceptable”

Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

The fact that this has dragged on for over a year shows how poor Labour have become in Scotland. Richard Leonard may now be the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party but they are far from a socialist party within. If you thought Corbyn had a tough fight, Leonard has a much harder one.

The SNP whilst nationalists are ideological allies, a social democratic party with strong socialist factions should always be Labour’s choice of partner over the Tories. Not resisting austerity has killed Labour in Scotland and this move only gives political ammunition to the SNP and more hardship to residents suffering due to austerity.

Labour should learn its lessons and to rebuild in Scotland means not siding with the Tories.



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