The People’s News officially joins The Media Fund

As of today, six new media organisations, including The People’s News, joined The Media Fund. Describing itself as a member-led cooperative, the Fund finances independent UK media through crowd-powered funding, and now supports 45 media partners.

In the announcement, Chairman, Daniel Lewis stated: “Independent media organisations are a growing force in UK media offering quality, public interest journalism that the mainstream increasingly struggles to provide.”

Today’s news demonstrates that the sector is witnessing a healthy expansion and increasingly able to support more organisations, bringing high-quality news and analysis to people at a time when the reliability of the traditional print media is being questioned.

For us here this is fantastic news and indeed a promising opportunity. The support and formal recognition by The Media Fund will enable us to truly fulfil our founding mission: to educate and inform. Indeed, we are currently looking for new political writers to help grow our team and viewer exposure. Having recently experienced a large increase in views, we hope that with our official inclusion, these will continue to grow.

To find more information about The Media Fund, please visit their website.


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