Breaking News | Electoral Commission to find Vote Leave broke electoral law

The Electoral Commission has announced in a draft report of its official investigation that Vote Leave did break electoral law during the EU Referendum campaign. The People’s News understands that in addition to its findings, the Commission will recommend at least one fine. The final report is scheduled to be published in a matter of weeks.

The watchdog’s latest investigation comes after allegations of collusion were made by whistleblowers Christopher Wylie and Shahmir Sanni, who reported of links between the official campaign and a smaller group, BeLeave. However, it is reported whilst the commission did consider the evidence, it was not ‘decisive’ in proving a breach of electoral law.

At present, it is not clear whether the watchdog is planning only to recommend civil sanctions, or whether it will refer the issue to the Crown Prosecution Service.

In a statement, an Electoral Commission spokesperson said: “In accordance with its Enforcement Policy, the Electoral Commission has written to Vote Leave, Mr Darren Grimes and Veterans for Britain to advise each campaigner of the outcome of the investigation announced on 20 November 2017.”

They added: “The campaigners have 28 days to make representations before final decisions are taken.”

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