Breaking News | MPs vote against Chris Grayling no confidence motion

The House of Commons has defeated a vote of no confidence against the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling.

The Labour Party motion, which was tabled as a result of the current rail timetabling debacle, was defeated by a majority of 20 MPs (285 – 305).

Opening the debate on the opposition day motion, Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary remarked: “the breach of faith and trust is so great the secretary of state’s credibility will never recover”.

Despite retaining his position as transport secretary, Conservative MPs did not support Grayling in particularly high numbers.

In light of the timetabling chaos, the Labour Party were able to intensify the debate by using local newspaper reports against Conservative MPs who voted against the motion, despite representing areas affected by this issue.

Taking into account various comments, Chris Grayling has announced plans to consider new powers that will enable him to intervene on behalf of commuters affected by travel disruption.

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