Labour to force vote of no confidence in Chris Grayling

Labour will force a vote of no confidence on Tuesday against transport secretary Chris Grayling.

The Labour Party say the failed implementations of May timetables causing chaos on operators such as Northern and Govia are cause for the public to have no confidence in Grayling

Labour Frontbencher Andy McDonald stated “The crisis facing our railways is a national scandal & the person ultimately responsible must be held to account. While others have resigned & forgone bonuses, he continues to pass the buck”

Labour have called for these operators to have their franchises terminated and be brought back into public ownership, just like East Coast Rail was.


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Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

This is a bold move from Labour who will need support from other parties to win this vote. The chaos on railways across the country may be the reason for this vote but Labour could find allies in Tories who are against the Heathrow expansion that was approved this month. It is rare for a party to force a no-confidence vote without knowing they have the numbers so I expect Labour to win this vote one way or another.

The chaos on railways and the reaction to it from the government has shown another reason why they need to come back into public ownership. The blame game that started after the chaos caused thousands to be stranded has meant very little has been done to stop any more problems on our railways. Public ownership would bring accountability as well as additional funds for our rail network.



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