Theresa May caught lying over Brexit….. again

It has been revealed that the UK is legally bound to pay it’s £39bn Brexit divorce bill before the details of a trade deal with the EU are agreed. This is a change to Theresa May’s promise that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”. This statement alluded to the fact that if Britain were to not get a trade deal it would not pay it’s divorce bill, a statement that has turned out to be completely false.

MPs will be asked to authorize the payment when they vote on the withdrawal deal in Parliament later this year. With the withdrawal agreed the EU would have no obligation to pursue a trade deal. The EU will include a political declaration to pursue a trade deal within the agreement but will be no legal obligation to do so.

Most independent auditors believe the divorce bill will be higher than the estimated £39bn.

Meanwhile, The Cabinet remains divided on Theresa May’s customs partnership, that would see the UK collect tariffs on behalf of the EU and include a time-limited customs backstop, which would keep the UK aligned with the EU on customs.  However, it is rumoured that this proposal will be rejected by the EU if the backstop would cease to exist in 2020.

Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

The Conservatives lying to the population is not new. In recent cases, it has been to try and help their image but time and again this government has been caught lying over Brexit, not because they need to hide the truth but because they themselves don’t know what the truth.

We have seen this administration fail to grasp the basics of negotiating with the EU. Even those who have campaigned to leave the EU all their political career do not understand its basic internal and external economic workings. This has caused them to be disappointed by the realities of Brexit, whilst being completely outmanoeuvred by the EU.

Our lead negotiator David Davis showed his complete lack of understanding of the EU single market when he stated: “a UK-German deal would include free access for their cars and industrial goods, in exchange for a deal on everything else”. This is not possible under EU law. You negotiate deals with the EU, not individual countries.

Incompetence is driving us towards a Brexit cliff with no plan for what comes after. The complete idiocy and blindness of the government when negotiating Brexit has caused us to have countless problems whilst failing to exploit the advantages Brexit could hold.



Written by The People's News management team

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