Labour friends of Israel blame Palestinians for their own deaths

In a tweet put out today, following the murder of over 50 Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli military, Labour Friends of Israel have blamed the protesters for the violence and casualties.

Israeli casualties and injuries remain at zero as things stand.

The protests on the Gaza strip saw over a thousand injured when Israeli snipers opened fire on unarmed protesters near the border with Israel. Our report on that can be found here.

LFI accuse the protesters of being operatives of Hamas but have reconfirmed their commitment to working towards a 2 state solution.

More follows

Analysis from Iwan Doherty – Editor in Chief 

This is a truly disgraceful tweet from Labour friends of Israel and they should face consequences. The fact that as I now write it hasn’t been deleted is appalling and the group today have embarrassed the Labour Party who otherwise have responded well to this tragedy.

The Israeli myth, that has now been parroted by those who stand against the rights of Palestinians, that the protests are somehow part of a Hamas plot is nonsense. The protesters are unarmed. The Israeli army had plentiful time to prepare for them. These killings are a malicious act on behalf of the Israeli nothing else, and a group like LFI has the chance to say as such and be heard. They missed that chance. Whoever wrote the tweet should have no place in the Labour Party.

LSI should move to condemn Israel for these crimes and apologise for the remarks.


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