Over 50 Palestinians killed by Israel whilst protesting against US embassy

Israeli forces have shot at protesters on the Gaza border killing over 50 and wounding hundreds, Palestinian officials say. Tens of thousands came to protest the opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem. Casualties included a 14 yr old boy.

Palestinians see the opening of the embassy as a violation of agreements that determine Palestine controls the east part of the city.

Trump’s announcement in December ignited 6 weeks of protests, and during these protests, Israeli forces shot and killed dozens of Palestinian protesters and injured over 1,700 people. Israel has shot at protesters regularly in the last 6 weeks as Palestinians have been involved in the ‘great march of return’.

The weekly protests are in the run up to Nakba, which is on Tuesday 15th, a commemoration of the events following the foundation of the Israeli state where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced by Israeli settlers and forced to flee their homes.

Hamas stated that it would not stop citizens from heading towards the perimeter fence but says it supports peaceful ideals advocated by civilian leaders.

Israel has attempted to portray this as a terrorist ploy by Hamas and a spokesman labelled the protesters “murderous rioters” despite the fact no Israeli has been injured since protests started on the 30th March.

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Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

The fact the US and the Trump administration has now fully backed Israel seems to have only emboldened the Israeli regime. The move by the President seems to have put peace in the region far out of sight and has resulted in the murder of dozens of Palestinian citizens. The fact our nation stands idly by when a so-called ally murders innocent civilians is a disgrace and it truly brings into question of the morality of our foreign policy.

To continue backing Israel after such actions is more than morally questionable. The fact that the Israeli government accuse the protesters as being murderous is not only wrong it is tragically ironic.

Americans are mostly oblivious to the death and destruction their president has helped to cause and this move highlights Trump’s inability to understand the complexity of geopolitics.

Israel’s actions should be condemned by the international community but with the US backing Israel fiercely it would be difficult to enact sanctions, despite the fact Israel shows little regard for the human rights of Palestinians.

Photos courtesy of Mohammed Yasin 


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