People turned away from polling stations in voter ID fiasco

As voters go to the polls in local elections today, new rules on voter ID have led to people being turned away.

The pilot scheme, taking place in five of the 156 local authorities with elections means people must prove their identity before being issued with a ballot.

Ellie Reeves, MP for Lewisham West and Penge in Bromley, South London,  tweeted this morning: “Just been to vote. Was informed that two people had already turned up without ID this morning so had been unable to vote. Very worrying and backs up all the evidence that the voter ID pilot in Bromley is plain wrong.”

Ahead of the trail the Electoral Reform Society had said that the scheme was a “calculated effort by the Government to make voting harder for some citizens”

In the United States voter ID laws have long been used by Republicans to supress voting in the BAME community.

Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

Voter ID laws have never been about cutting down on voter fraud. The voter ID laws look like a deliberate attempt to try and stop Labour voters from being able to vote. The majority of voters who will not have ID will be poor and therefore will vote Labour. The fact that citizens are unable to vote due to not being able to purchase ID is wrong. You prove your ID when you register, you should not need to prove it on polling day. It is only to stop certain people voting. In the 2015 election out of 51 million votes cast there were 37 allegations of voter fraud. It is not to stop voter fraud, it is simple voter suppression.


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