Labour member suspended for criticising Israel on Facebook

The Labour Party has made the decision to suspend a member over comments made on social media criticising Israel. Kevin Clegg was suspended on the 19th April for a number of posts he made on Facebook that comment on the actions of the Israeli government and its leader Netanyahu.

Labour says the posts are in breach of Labour Party’s rule 2.I.8, which outlaws racism, Islamophobia, derogatory language and similar.

The NEC will be asked to authorise a full report to be drawn up with recommendations for
disciplinary action if appropriate. The Facebook posts are about Israel whilst Mr Clegg gives strongly worded commentary the posts criticise Israel, not Jews. 4 of these are shown below.

Mr Clegg, who joined the Labour Party when Ed Milliband resigned, speaking to The People’s News said, “I feel disappointed that my party seem to be adopting the idea that criticism of Israel and her supporters – is anti-semitism. ”

Continuing he said, “it’s not racist to criticise a state/government. I agree with the rule I am accused of breaching, namely a rule forbidding racism, Islamophobia, derogatory language, etc. Having this rule in black and white as clear as day is one of the selling points of the party, but it seems to be getting misused to attempt to silence criticism of Israel.”

The majority of posts simply share articles from the mainstream media.

The fears that many Labour Party members had, following the antisemitism scandal, seem to have been realised as forces at the top of the Labour Party could be seen to be working to silence Pro Palestinian voices.




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