Why are the “liberal snowflakes” being blamed for our woes?

Hours and hours of trawling through twitter feeds uncovers a new phenomenon, the ‘snowflake liberals’ causing all the world’s woes.  Look at any right leaning politician on Twitter, from President Trump to Jacob Rees-Mogg and you will find blame for the state of the world being laid on those with a liberal ideology. Time and time again I find myself asking a simple question: how can the left be in the political firing line when we have two of the most right-wing leaning governments in the UK and the US in recent history? Does the blame not lie with those who are responsible for the decision-making process, rather than those who democratically contest their decisions.

In 2013, under the second Obama administration the United States went into a federal government shutdown. For over two weeks approximately 800,000 federal employees were forced into taken a period of unpaid, and rather unexpected leave. This was largely due to a funding gap being created when the lower chamber of the United States Congress (the Republican dominated House of Representatives) failed to come to an appropriate resolution with the Democratic led Senate over issues including Obama care. At the time, Donald Trump was quite happy to accredit the entire blame to the very top, stating on Twitter: ‘Leadership: whatever happens you’re responsible’.

Fast forward five years and Trump found himself in a similar position. However, uncharacteristically, and going against his own sentiment he left the blame at the door of the Democrats. What might seem even more surprising than Donald Trump going back on his word, or in the 21th century equivalent, his ‘tweet’ is the magnitude of control the Republican party had, and still has. Following Trump’s shock victory in 2016 Presidential Election, for the first time since 1928 the Republicans had control of the Oval Office, the House and the Senate. It is therefore unfathomable that Trump and the Republican party cannot see the problem without looking in the mirror.

As for the UK, where to start. Perhaps with the small problem that is Brexit. Like being trapped in a confined space with a bee, the buzzing is annoying enough, but knowing you will be eventually stung makes the situation even more distressing. Following possibly one the most significant constitutional law cases, Gina Miller was labelled as a ‘remoaner’ defying the people’s will. In fact, she was in good company, with three leading Supreme Court judges being labelled ‘Enemies of the People’ by the Daily Mail. It is a dangerous situation when a citizen exercising their democratic right, challenging a government’s decision is met with death threats. Moreover, having the judiciary scapegoated across national newspapers interferes with its impartial operation and puts strain on our democracy.

Most recently, we have been met with the ever-growing crisis in Syria. Those foolhardy on the right want to see the UK join the US in proposed bombing strikes. This solution seems to carry very little tangible merit, and would result in a huge loss of life with potential to aggravate the situation even further. Following this debate on social media under the ‘Not in My Name May’ hashtag, I soon discovered the foot of the blame on those on the left once more. Recurring arguments that the lack of military action in 2013, due to the resistance of those opposition parties was the main reason why there are still problems with Syria. I find it incomprehensible that the opposition party in this country are responsible for another countries crisis. Moreover, I find it somewhat comical that these claims are being made by the right. The same right that opposed continued international cooperation within the EU, find it necessary to bring action against a country without exhausting all other options necessary under international law. This bolshiness of being an international actor as and when it suits does not work within the two-way street Brexit created. If Britain wants to return to a position of splendid isolation, it must resist the temptation to act. It is not enough to blame an opposing ideology in an attempt to thwart responsibility.

All this seems to show that the left cannot do right for doing wrong. No matter what position or situation those on the liberal side of the spectrum find themselves in, they shall always be labelled as the problem. It appears this is due to the evident right wing bias across the mainstream media. Look beyond the headlines and see for yourself.



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