2018 has been a disgraceful new low for the mainstream media

The editors and journalists of the mainstream media need to take a long hard look at themselves. The coverage of politics we have had to endure this year politics is probably the worst it has been in my lifetime.

Today’s headlines see Jeremy Corbyn condemned for visiting a Jewish group to attend the Seder event, a ritual service held on Passover, “with Jewish members of his local community”.

The reason, the group is not a mainstream Jewish group and has been critical of the actions of Israel. The story is frankly ridiculous. Corbyn attempts to connect with the Jewish community but is criticised, by mainly non-Jews, for meeting the wrong type of Jews.

The whole antisemitism debate has been covered poorly, without scale or background. There has been no mention in the mainstream media of the Labour Leader’s excellent record on standing up to racism, yet they were willing to ask ‘If Jeremy Corbyn was a racist’ due to his comments on a Facebook page on an antisemitic mural.

That was last week, but the coverage has dragged on and on which has led to the suppression of important stories for cheap political gain. No one in the mainstream media is innocent, from the Guardian to the Mail we have seen story after story about Corbyn’s mistake. This onslaught of media outrage suggests that the Labour Party is a hotbed for antisemitism and specifically an issue on the left. However, the statistical evidence demonstrates that Labour Party members are less antisemitic than their Conservative counterparts and that most antisemitism is found on the far right. Additionally, the continuing negative coverage has been criticised by many in the Jewish community who are appalled by those willing to weaponise antisemitism for political gain.


However, the issues I have with this biased coverage is two-fold. This is because the mainstream media is not only exploiting the hurt and pain of the past, but it is also providing a smoke screen for other important issues. For example, the killing of 16 unarmed Palestinians by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday. Those killed were among thousands of Palestinians who were protesting Israel’s oppressive policies along the border when members of the IDF started firing live ammunition into the crowds. Worse still was that the reports describe the events as ‘clashes’ between protesters and the IDF. These were not clashes, but rather indiscriminate acts of aggression from soldiers who turned their guns on an oppressed people fighting for their existence.

The Prime Minister refused to condemn Israel for its actions. I would encourage all citizens to write to their MPs about this attack on Palestinians, as I have today. Whilst the Prime Minister didn’t speak out, Jeremy Corbyn, yet again, confronted the senseless aggression by condemning the actions as “appalling” and demanding justice.

The media is clearly biased against Corbyn, but in case there was any doubt, statistical analysis has revealed that up to 75% of the coverage misrepresents him. However, it is important to remember that it is not Corbyn that they truly hate, but rather the centuries old movement that he has reinvigorated. In other words, his success in fighting for the many will be at the expense of the few who have for too long misinformed and oppressed the masses.

We live in dark days for traditional journalism, which is why those reading should help and support independent media.

Other stories have been missed, including Google’s continued tax avoidance, reports on poor results of Grammar schools and any real investigation into Cambridge Analytica. All stories that the Conservative Party would rather you didn’t see.

The media is biased against Corbyn, that’s not my opinion that’s a statical fact. 75% of coverage misrepresent him. He’s an anti-establishment man, in an establishment game.

I hope the mainstream media improve, it will put me out of business but I still hope they return to sanity. Short of a Charlie Skinner esc character returning there is another option. The independent media, but they need financial help to succeed.


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