Labour members less likely to be antisemitic than Tories says survey

Despite the ongoing debate about antisemitism within the Labour Party the most recent survey concluded that Labour Party members were less likely to be anti-semitic than UKIP or Conservative party members, however more likely than Liberal Democrats. Tory Party members are 8% more likely to hold antisemitic views than Labour members. Only 4% of  Jews feel that no UK political parties tolerate antisemitism.

The survey conducted by Campaign Against Antisemitism did, however, show that despite Labour holding less antisemitic beliefs than Conservatives, Jews still viewed the party in a negative light. The report stated “Labour Party supporters are less likely to be antisemitic than other voters, so the cause of British Jews’ discontentment with the Labour Party must be the way that it has very publicly failed to robustly deal with the antisemites in its ranks.”

One could argue the way the media portray stories, like the Corbyn scandal and the comment he made about an antisemitic mural in 2012, could also affect beliefs.

Mr Corbyn is facing extremely harsh treatment from the media over his remarks about an antisemitic mural. The comments sparked a protest by the Jewish Leadership council.

However, Jewish Voice and Jewish socialist groups have rallied behind the Labour leader, stating his record in fighting racism is extremely good, and going on to say they have “worked alongside Jeremy Corbyn in campaigns against all forms of racism.” The Jewish Socialist Group pointed out the Jewish Leadership council has links with the Tory party, including it’s former chair Sir Mick Davis who is now Chief Executive of the Conservative Party.

Many Labour supporters have cited the parliamentary report into antisemitism in the UK that stated antisemitism was no more prevalent in the Labour Party than any other party.

A counter protest in support of Corbyn also took place in London. Many members feel that Corbyn’s pro-Palestinian rights stance have caused the dramatic protests seen.

The debate on antisemitism in the Labour Party will continue but has become clouded with other political motives. The facts would state that Labour do not have an antisemitism problem, more than any other party.

You can read more about the Campaign for Antisemitism here.


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