Exeter University investigates law students’ racist messages

The University is investigating claims of racism among law society members.

The University of Exeter announced after screenshots of “vile, deplorable” racist comments from a students’ WhatsApp group were shared via social media.

The student who revealed the messages said he had reported it to university bosses and the students’ union.

Students targeted fellow students as well as political figures like Sadiq Khan, in simply horrific racist language. Racist and offensive comments were also made towards the Muslim faith as well as references to slavery. Some may find the language in these images offensive.

The group chat was created in the summer of 2017 and the student who revealed the messages said one vivid message he remembers is when one student specifically stated “I wish the jabs finished him”, in regards to his peer Ikenna Henry Onyebuchi who was stabbed earlier in the year.

The Law Society has taken action. Removing those involved from the committee, banning the candidate from the ongoing election and indefinitely banning all those involved from the Society. The society stated it does not condone or tolerate such behaviour.

Recently Nottingham Trent was gripped by its own racist scandal. Two men were arrested earlier this month after subjecting a woman to a tirade of racist abuse. Neo-Nazis forces have also protested at Royal Holloway over the sacking of 2 cleaners who attended anti-Semitic rallies.

The university stated, “we unreservedly condemn any act of racism”. This is not the first racism scandal the University has dealt with in recent years, with problems regarding antisemitism been widely reported.

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