World leaders remain by-standers to Iranian protests

Protests have erupted in Iran, similar to those in 2009, with thousands upon thousands of people demanding the current government either change their course of governance, or step aside.

Iranians are protesting for a various amount of reasons, those being that the cost of living is harming thousands, with some having to work a second job to get by, others are protesting against the government’s lack of interest in fighting corruption & to help turn people’s lives around.

It doesn’t end there though; these protests are unlike any the nation has ever seen in the 38 years that the country has been under Islamic authoritarian rule with people chanting “We don’t want an Islamic Republic!”
Others also are repeatedly shouting “death to Rouhani” & “death to the dictator” whilst supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has seen various threats placed against him.

There has been widespread defiance against the regimes authoritarian rule, most notably against the law of women being forced to wear a hijab and being treated like second class citizens, but also against politicians (with the government choosing who and who doesn’t run, more moderate & parties against the hard line Islamic authority see themselves banned) and opponents of the state being wrongfully thrown in jail.

With all these mass protests taking place, the regime went a step further and shut down the internet (then just slowed it down meaning many had no access at all) & public channels on messaging app, Telegram, to try and curtail protests from taking place, but they’ve so far failed in their endeavours.
Reports so far say that over 20 people have been killed by security forces with over a dozen others injured and hundreds imprisoned.

It is great that the Iranian masses are rising up to the draconian and undemocratic elite who rule over their country, and am disgusted, but sadly not surprised, to see them react with violence.
The masses will never stop fighting for what they believe in, and deserve at that. The Iranian regime knows this, which is precisely why they’ve reacted as they have.

Why should they sit back and do nothing when the unemployment rate is only slightly decreasing year on year? Why should they sit back and do nothing when inflation is projected to be high single figures, again?

Why shouldn’t people of all religions, faiths and beliefs be allowed to live and prosper together?

It is rather worrying that a foreign influence could be at play here and that the Iranian Revolution by the people, for the people could be unsuccessful in that hard time will continue, under a leader who promises change & follows through on nothing, and is rather sympathetic to imperialist nations such as the United States.

What is also frustrating to behold is that the media are showing very little of what is happening which subsequently means that people are ignoring our brothers and sisters in Iran, whom are fighting the same fight we are – against the elites who continue to bleed our societies for their own profit.

Or when the western world ignores those 34 who have died in mass protests against electoral fraud in Honduras, and recognised the results, it makes you wonder, the US & their allies are only interested in citizens exercising their democratic rights against those who are oppressive, when it benefits them.

Regardless of political ideology or stance, we should all champion the current events in Iran that are taking place, as the proletariat and masses will prevail and hopefully bring Iran into the 21st century and ending what was started by their elders, in 1979, that was abruptly taken away.


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