Government defeated in Brexit vote

The government has suffered a humiliating defeat today, as MP’s voted to support an amendment which would offer a ‘meaningful vote’ at the end of Brexit negotiations.

The defeat comes just hours before the Prime Minister is set to attend a European Council meeting in Brussels, leaving many to question her ability to command the support of her party and secure a good deal for the United Kingdom. Loud cheers and claps could be heard echoing through the chamber as it was announced that the government had been defeated by 309 votes to 305, the first proper defeat faced by Theresa May in the Commons since the Snap Election earlier this year.

It is fair to say that the Daily Mail were not pleased with the votes result, producing this frankly ridiculous front page.
Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that this was an ‘humiliating loss of authority’ for the Prime Minister. He continued to claim that ‘Theresa May has resisted democratic accountability. Her refusal to listen means she will now have to accept parliament taking back control.’

Bitter hostilities have began to emerge within the Conservative Party. Stephen Hammond, one of the twelve Conservative rebels, has since been sacked as Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party. Whilst the DUP remained loyal with all 10 MP’s voting against the amendment.



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