Why Neo-Liberalism will destroy this planet

Ecology: The Crisis of Capitalism & why it will kill us all.

Neo-Liberalism, our dominant economic ideology. The ideology that supposedly won the day for capitalism, but has capitalism won the battle and lost the planet? The impact of Neo-Liberalism on our environment might be too much to bear.

Let’s start with some simple immutable scientific facts:

The global Capitalist economy doubles in size over the course of 30yrs @ avg norm of 3% growth a year.With each doubling comes a doubling of energy and resources required*Source Post Carbon institute. IEA.Man-made Co2 emissions take roughly 37yrs from emission to become fully active participants in climate warming.Co2 is cumulative and persistent over millennia. Meaning every gram we have emitted as a species over the last millenia is having an effect on us today, when this was small scale and the population low it was inconsequentioal, today Co2 production is a global industry and it will not naturally resolve itself within acceptable human time frames if we dont take massive immediate measures.Above 2.3oC of warming = runaway warming. All life on earth will be in terminal decline by 2100.The system will not save us. Paris climate deal in 2015 promised not to break 1.5 oC of warming, but constant rises in temperature may now be inevitable due to the lag to effect. Consequently any measures we put in place to reduce carbon today, will not be felt for decades. We have no time left for discussion yet we are locked into an economic system that demands it survive at the cost of this world.Transportation accounts for 20.7% of global emissions*2013. Nothing can replace the 1.2billion fossil fuelled vehicles we have today, we do not have the electrical generating capacity nor the available space in emissions before 1.5oC to produce a billion electric cars and infrastructure globally, and charge a third of that number in electric vehicles. Their limited range impairs their usefulness to a global economy with supply chains that cross continents.There will be near 2 billion fossil fuel vehicles in use by 2050. 150 to 250 million electric vehicles. Yes it is progress but it will be too slow to be of use.

If we stopped all man made production of CO², right now, Temperatures would still rise for near four decades due to the lag to effect of man-made Co2, meaning it may already be too late to avoid 2.3oC never mind 1.5oC as set out by Paris climate talks.

It is my belief that I have spotted something that our climate models missed and our world leaders either do not know about, or they do not want you to know the following. We only discovered the 37yr lag to effect in 2012. This means all warming experienced so far is prior to 1980, i.e. prior to globalization’s accent. Post 1980 we massively increased our rate of Co2 emissions year on year, in effect, we turned the gas up on the stove, and only now, 2015> do I believe we will see the full effects of this. If I am right, changes will happen far quicker than models previously suggested which in turn may lead to all life on earth being in terminal decline by 2100 as crops fail and resource wars rage.

Take a look at graph. Ask yourself how much needs to be done and can a profit motivated society solve these issues without some miraculous intervention.



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