California- Secede to Succeed

Conservative American’s love telling others about the failures of Liberal policy. The strangling force of market regulation and government interaction. Yet in 2015 the two states with the highest growth are Oregon and California, growing at 4.1%. 1.7% higher than that of the national average.
California remains a model for social mobility, freedom and economic growth, yet ignored by the rest of American. Is secession just a pipe dream of radicals or is their some logic behind it?
Calexit has surged in popularity since the election of Donald Trump to the white house. A man 68.5% of Californian’s didn’t vote for. However the reasons for wanting independence go way beyond the man in the white house.
Economically an independent California is very desirable to California, it’s also a horror story for the USA’s federal tax system. An independent California would be the world’s 5th largest economy, an economy full of skilled workers and bright ideas. Growing at 4.1% in 2015, the Joint highest growth out of all of the states. Yet ask most American’s on California’s economy and they parrot back the Conservative media’s propaganda on an economy suffocated by government.
The truth, they’re right. The government of Conservative states and Washington’s Republican congress to be precise.
They lose $36 billion every year through federal taxes. For every dollar California’s pay in federal tax they get $0.90 in return. To be spent on tax cuts for co-operations and those on welfare, kept their by Republican party policy. And for this great commitment to helping deprived states they’re branded the loony left. America should be following California not ridiculing them. The state that has legalized Cannabis and looks towards Universal Healthcare is truly at the forefront of American politics.
The chance of California changing things from inside the Union is slim to none. The reason, representation. California’s electoral votes haven’t affected a presidential election since 1876. It seems they have no say in their leader. Furthermore they have limited say in their government, in the senate like every state they have 2 senators. The same as Wyoming and Vermont. Despite being 66x times more populous than the former. Why is someone in Wyoming worth 66 Californian’s in the Senate? This political discourse has led the feeling of secession. Democratic political strategist Steve Maviglio “There’s such hostility …….that many citizens believe it would be smarter to leave than fight,” A truth that many Liberals in coastal states would echo. Not only due to the Conservative nature of today’s congress but also due to the corrupt and broken Washington machine.
Evidence for this can be seen no more clearly than Healthcare. Not the insurance system. It’s the inefficiency of Medicare that should raise eyebrows. Government per capita spending in the USA is higher than Canada. A nation that offers state provided healthcare to all citizens government pays less than a government that only provides it to over 65s. That means the Canadian government is 7x more efficient than Washignton. All down to the huge campaign donations Big Pharma give Republicans and Democrats every year. $4.4 million to Republicans and $2.6 million to Democrats. California should leave this corrupt institution behind.
California’s must be asking themselves if they benefit in any way by being part of the Union. Economically drained, politically stifled but they do need water so that’s one thing to add to the cons side.
The theme is evident, California is constantly held back by Conservative Americans. They must go it alone.

Iwan Doherty

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